St Barnabas Church

Is there a God? Is he here?


The King’s Speech

‘Finding a voice’


A Lent Course using the movie 'The King’s Speech'.                            


The course explores the ways in which fear holds us back and examines how we can face and overcome our fears and begin to find our authentic voice.


In five group sessions we will explore the following themes of Nightmares, Dreams, Breaking through, Poisonous words, and Faith in my voice.


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 Each section refers to scenes from the film, questions to start discussion, practical exercises and meditations. Each weekly session leads into suggestions for individual reading, meditation and further Bible study.



Dates for Easter in St Barnabas Church


Day                  Date                 Theme                             Time               

Wed                       22 Feb                  Show Film                                  7:30pm

Wed                          1 Mar                  Ash Wednesday                          7:30pm

Wed                         8 Mar                  Lent 1: Nightmares                     8:00pm

Wed                       15 Mar                  Lent 2: Dreams                           8:00pm

Wed                       22 Mar                  Lent 3: Breaking through             8:00pm

Wed                        29 Mar                  Lent 4: Poisonous words             8:00pm

Wed                          5 Apr                  Lent 5: Faith in my voice             8:00pm

Sun                          9 Apr                   Palm Sunday                    9:00 / 10:30am

Mon / Tue / Wed      10 – 12 Apr           Jesus’ sayings on the cross          8:00pm

Maundy Thursday    13 Apr                  Holy Communion                       7:30pm

Good Friday            14 Apr                  Walk of Witness in Town             11:00am

Good Friday            14 Apr                  A Hour by the Cross                     2:00pm 

Easter Sunday         16 Apr                   Celebration ‘He is Risen’     9:00 / 10:30am