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St Barnabas Church

Lent Course 2018

 ‘Nothing More and Nothing Less’


A Lent Course using the film 'I, Daniel Blake'.                            


‘Nothing More and Nothing Less’ is a new and original Lent course by Virginia Moffatt. It is based on the multi-award winning film I, Daniel Blake

It looks at issues of suffering, injustice and pain.

On Wednesdays

   7 Feb Lent 1: 7:30pm  Show film

  14 Feb Lent 1: 7:30pm  Ash Wednesday

  21 Feb Lent 1: 8:00pm  System of Oppression

 28 Feb Lent 2: 8:00pm  Staying Human

  7 Mar Lent 3: 8:00pm  Compassion in the Darkness

 14 Mar Lent 4: 8:00pm  Fighting Back or Giving In?           

 21 Mar Lent 5: 8:00pm  The Suffering Servant                   

All of the above will in the church

Sun                        25 Mar            Palm Sunday                              9:00 / 10:30am

Mon / Tue / Wed      26 - 28 Mar    Evening Prayer                           8:00pm

Maundy Thursday    27 Marr          A Passover Remembrance             7:30pm

Good Friday            28 Mar            Walk of Witness in Town             11:00am

Good Friday            28 Mar            An Hour by the Cross                  2:00pm

Easter Sunday         30  Mar          Celebration ‘He is Risen’              9:00 / 10:30am